The Telehealth Framework


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November 17, 2015

Originally presented on November 17, 2015.

Presenter: Jared Alfson, Health IT Engineer, TeleQuality Communications

Bio: Jared Alfson is the Health IT Engineer for TeleQuality Communications, where he is responsible for increasing the value of telehealth products and services to existing customers, spearheading new business product developments and providing sound guidance and support for health care providers through his expertise in the nuances of the health IT industry. His background includes almost 10 years of experience in health IT and communications, much of it holding senior IT operations and management positions with rural critical access hospitals.

Meeting Description: Telehealth and telemedicine are quickly proving to be a cost-effective solution for increasing quality of care for healthcare providers and their patients, especially those in rural areas. Is your healthcare organization considering expanding into telehealth services? Do you know what critical components are needed in order to start a telehealth network? Join TeleQuality as we present our telehealth framework: the three key components we believe are necessary for a successful telehealth implementation. We will also explore some of the challenges faced with each component such as IT security, telecom hurdles, interoperability and more, and how your healthcare organization can prepare for each.

Learning Objectives:  

  • The difference between telehealth and telemedicine

  • What three pieces of the telehealth framework need to be aligned for successful delivery of services

  • Minimum telecom requirements needed for a telehealth network

  • IT Security needs for a telehealth network

  • The two-phase approach for telehealth implementation