Webinar Archive: Funding Your Telecom Needs

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Presenter: Natalie Verette, Director of Sales


Meeting Description:  

Delivering a telehealth experience becomes increasingly difficult when faced with obstacles of integration in underserved rural settings. Join us for our webinar where we will present a framework for the conceptualization of telehealth and the three critical components needed for successful telehealth implementation:

  • Reliable, expertly designed, fully equipped telecommunications services infrastructure
  • Proper medical and IT tools for telehealth specialties
  • Trained medical professionals and clinicians to deliver the health in telehealth

How can your healthcare organization afford telehealth adoption and implementation? We will review the Federal Communications Commission's Universal Service Fund (USF), a federal funding program that allocates $400 million annually to assist rural healthcare providers afford network connectivity installations and upgrades. You'll come away with a basic understanding of how this fund is financed, collected and distributed as well as an understanding of the USF's Rural Health Care Program.

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