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August 26, 2015

Presenter: Natalie Verette, Director of Operations, TeleQuality Communications

Bio: Natalie Verette has been helping rural healthcare providers upgrade their telecommunications networks and receive significant funding for those upgrades for seven years. As Director of Operations for TeleQuality Communications, she has supervised all broadband network installations since 2011. An expert on the Universal Service Fund (USF), she has worked extensively with USAC, the governing body that collects and distributes the USF, and knows the ins and outs of the funding program. Verette graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Development from Texas A&M University. 

Meeting Description: Did you know there is a federal funding program that helps rural healthcare providers pay for their monthly telecommunications services? Join us to learn if your organization is eligible and how your healthcare organization can benefit from this funding program that can fund up to 85+% of your monthly telecom expenses. This session will provide a basic level of understanding of how the Universal Service Fund (USF) is financed, collected and distributed and an overview of USF’s Rural Healthcare Program*. If you are new to this healthcare funding program or are already involved in the program, please join us for the presentation and an interactive Q&A session to learn more about how the USF can help you deliver better healthcare by saving time and money.    

 Learning Objectives: 

  • What is the Universal Service Fund? 
  • Universal Service Fund’s Rural Healthcare Program:  
    • Eligibility criteria for the program  
    • What services are funded
    • How the money is distributed  
    • Funding calendar and timelines  
    • How this funding could impact your organization