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ENA TrustCompute is our fully hosted and managed virtual data center service. ENA TrustCompute provides healthcare communities with a comprehensive and secure cloud computing platform that is scalable, easy to use, and budget-friendly.


HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that mandates security and
privacy protections for Protected Health Information (PHI) and other data. HIPAA is applicable to healthcare
providers and vendors, but it can be difficult for healthcare organizations to evaluate suppliers based on
compliance because there is no official HIPAA compliance certification process.

With TQ, healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties can rest assured knowing our cloud solutions
and their technical, physical, and administrative safeguards have been classified as HIPAA compliant by a
leading third-party auditor. Knowing compliance is an ongoing process, TQ continuously updates our products,
policies, and procedures to ensure compliance for privacy and data security. Should your organization
need one, TQ will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that details each party’s rights and
obligations for protecting PHI in accordance with HIPAA.

Six reasons why you should consider using a virtual data center service like ENA TrustCompute:

 Zero footprint in your buildings

 Disaster preparedness

 Deploy virtual servers quickly and easily

 Instant scalability

 No ongoing maintenance required

 No physical security required

Why do customers choose ENA TrustCompute?

Today’s 21st century IT departments are tasked with deploying and managing a wide array of technologies. Finding the time and money to devote to purchasing, racking, stacking, and powering servers can be difficult and inefficient. ENA TrustCompute is designed to support your data center challenges and lighten the load for you and your staff.

Experience the TQ Difference


 Reliable and available - Always-on virtual server platform

 Fast and easy - Quickly create and deploy virtual machines on demand

 Flexible and scalable - Tailored packages enable users to scale up and down as needed

 Virtually transparent - Transparent user experience through a secure and private LAN extension

 Simple pricing - Predictable, flat-rate pricing with no data transfer or hidden fees

 Disk snapshots - Minimizes risks associated with software upgrades

 World-class support - 24x7x365 support from the Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC)

 VM Migration - VMware users may opt to include ENA TrustCompute’s VM Migration feature in their cloud migration strategy. The 5-step process, guided by our migration director and powered by Veeam, provides the capability to copy on-premise VMs directly to your virtual private cloud (VPC)

 Pre-configured open-source application - VA comprehensive library of stacks that enable ENA TrustCompute users to quickly and easily deploy popular open source applications for web services, IT monitoring, analytics, email archiving, and more

 Reduce overhead costs - Eliminates the unpredictable and costly repair, power, and cooling expenses associated with maintaining traditional on-site servers

 The TQ difference - Private and secure cloud services designed for healthcare

Platform Security

 TQ Internet access customers enjoy a direct, private connection to their cloud via TQ’s Internet backbone

 ENA TrustCompute utilizes Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) to encrypt traffic flow over the public Internet for off-net customers

 Gated data center perimeter with 24×7 data center surveillance and card access control

 Logical separation of customer cloud computing environments

 Tiered network architecture

 HIPAA compliant – keeping critical documents and patient information protected and secure


Network Configuration Diagrams

ENA TrustCompute is available to TQ Internet access customers as well as customers not currently accessing our Internet. We have included two network configuration diagrams to illustrate how ENA TrustCompute will connect to your network. Our team will work with your technology staff to determine the best configuration for your network.


ENA TrustCompute Network diagram for
TQ Internet access customers


ENA TrustCompute Network diagram for
Non-TQ Internet access customers

Virtual Machine Admin

The ENA TrustCompute portal provides you with a comprehensive dashboard that enables administrative users to quickly create virtual machines (VMs), rapidly deploy applications, and allocate server resources as needed. Dashboard tools allow you to configure your VM and easily manage zones, select operating systems, choose your memory, core sizes and disk capacity.

 Zone Management

 Select Operating Systems

 Memory and Core Sizes

 Disk Capacity

6 ways to leverage the cloud to reduce costs, save time, and produce successful results


Data Center Refresh

ENA TrustCompute frees technology staff from the burdens and costs associated with maintaining physical servers. No more capital expense outlays, antiquated technology, software updates, or server upgrades —TQ takes care of all of that and ensures you have the latest and greatest cloud technology available at your fingertips.


Capacity on Demand

ENA TrustCompute’s simple and flexible resource bundles can be allocated as needed, eliminating the capacity guesswork required with on-site servers and enabling you to purchase what you need when you need it.


Internet Facing Downloads

Load balance and distribute your Internet facing workloads across multiple computing resources within ENA TrustCompute’s virtual environment to streamline operations and help reduce costs and workload challenges.


Off-Site Backup

Employing virtual servers for off-site data backup should be a critical component of any organization’s data security strategy. TQ’s managed cloud solution allows you to schedule regular backups of your data and securely store a copy of your data within the ENA cloud.


Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing protects organizations from the unexpected. In the event of a catastrophic failover requiring restoration of your infrastructure, ENA TrustCompute provides you with immediate access to your data and the ability to recover your files and data without losing or corrupting your data resources.


Test Environment

Testing your software applications and programs in a secure cloud computing environment allows you to monitor and evaluate latency issues, browser performance, and other compatibility issues to ensure high quality service delivery upon final implementation.

Flexible package options designed to meet your needs


ENA TrustCompute offers simple, flexible resource bundles. These bundles allow you to tailor your memory, storage, and virtual CPU core configuration to meet your specific needs. TQ will work with you to assess and define your resource needs based on your data center strategy. Migration support is not included in these bundled packages, but is available with TQ’s optional professional services. Contact your TQ account service manager for more information.


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If you would like additional information about ENA TrustCompute, or if you would like to purchase ENA TrustCompute for your organization, please contact one of our regional service professionals.