TQ TeleConnection- January 2019

What's New for Telehealth Policy in 2019?

Telehealth policy took some significant strides in 2018, and many of the federal and state polices passed in 2018 take effect starting today!

Here is a run-down of some of the new policies to be aware of that are taking effect in Medicare today:

  • Medicare will now start reimbursing for virtual check-ins, remote pre-recorded information and interprofessional internet consultations.  These services are not classified as “telehealth” and therefore not subject to the statutory telehealth restrictions that typically apply in Medicare, such as limitations on services, provider types and originating sites.

  • In accordance with the CY 2019 PFS and FQHC and RHC Policy Manual Update, Medicare will reimburse RHCs and FQHCs for communication based technology and remote evaluation services not already captured in the RHC AIR or FQHC PPS payment, waiving the face-to-face requirement.  They are not eligible for reimbursement of the interprofessional internet consultation.

Center for Connected Health Policy (1/1/19)