TQ TeleConnection- April 2018

Schools Turn to Telemedicine to Tackle Student Depression, Violence

April 02, 2018 - Texas school officials are touting a telemedicine service that not only brings behavioral healthcare into the school, but also may be averting serious issues like potential violence.

Texas Tech University Health Science Center’s Telemedicine Wellness, Intervention, Triage and Referral (TWITR) program, in place in 11 school districts in and around Lubbock, has been used by some 34,000 middle and high school students since its launch in 2012, TTUHSC President Tedd Mitchell recently told Politico. Mitchell said 10 percent of those students have received counseling as a result of those visits, and roughly 300 have been referred for psychiatric care.


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mHealth Intelligence (4/2/18) 

Eric Wicklund