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Tim Koxlien

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tim Koxlien is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TeleQuality Communications. He manages all operations of the company and is continually focused on the operational improvements that benefit the TeleQuality customer base.  

Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, Tim is a leader on rural healthcare telecom issues and advocate for the deployment of broadband connectivity in rural America. Founded in 2006, TeleQuality Communications focuses exclusively on providing telecom and technology solutions for its healthcare partners across the U.S.   

With 30 years of telecom experience, Tim's career began in 1986 with US West (CenturyLink). In 1991 he founded The Koxlien Group as a design and project management firm for US West and Ameritech, working closely with the Mayo Clinic and other providers, representing major telecom service companies. In 1999, Tim founded Rural Health Telecom℠, now a division of TeleQuality Communications. 

• 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year - Central Texas Finalist
• 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year - Central Texas Winner