TeleQuality Communications understands just how much the healthcare industry is depending on telemedicine technology to virtually connect consulting doctors and patients, no matter the distance, in real time, to help patients. Rural healthcare patients, physicians, and technicians can reap the rewards from the evolving technology, but only if rural healthcare facilities have the proper data networks that will enable telemedicine systems to work efficiently and effectively.

While there are many pieces to designing an effective data network, TeleQuality can help healthcare facilities assess their current needs. Our expert network engineers will make the appropriate network recommendations and explain how the new network will be capable of handling your telemedicine applications.

We offers various modes of service (fiber optics, copper, coax, wireless and satellite) to enhance reliability and speed of data transfer which is essential to run telemedicine applications.

Our team of professional and highly qualified network engineers will not only manage the installation, but also offer a simplified repair process with proactive 24x7 network management to ensure maximum uptime so that you can focus on patient care. Although we try to mitigate problems that arise with our networks, should a problem arise, our business model demands a high level of employee engagement to identify possible issues and go to great lengths to resolve problems not only with TeleQuality networks, but other systems that interact with our networks. By helping you localize the problem, we can put you in contact with a representative that can assist you in finding a solution. Rest assured that with TeleQuality you will never be alone if a problem occurs, no matter where it is.

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