The telecommunications infrastructure is a critical but often overlooked component to delivering patient care through telehealth. Optimize your telehealth and rural services with a FREE, no-commitment network assessment. We’ll evaluate your needs by looking at:

    Number of users, locations, real-time transactions, hardware and software technology
       EHR system, data transfer, & health IT functions
      Advanced Internet-provided services such as telehealth, telemedicine, and more

Don’t risk your patient care, make sure your network is properly equipped.
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Exclusive to Healthcare

That’s right, we know healthcare because that’s the only market we’ve served since 1999. Decades of experience delivering networks to healthcare providers that we’re ready to put to work for you.


Customized Data, Voice, Security & Wi-Fi

We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Your healthcare facility is unique and deserves custom, tailored solutions that fit your individual needs. Telecom connectivity goals vary widely for various hospital systems. Don’t settle for the “standard” package. Upgrade your telecom services with TeleQuality.


High-Touch Customer Service    

We’re putting the “service” in service provider with high-touch customer support every step of the way. You’ll receive a dedicated regional account manager, support services specialist, funding specialist, and customer relations manager. We top that off with 24/7/265 network monitoring & resolution so you're never alone. 

"TeleQuality was able to help us bring in fiber to all of our locations at a phenomenal savings and with a greater increase in speed. Our clinicians are now more efficient with the enhancements we have and they're able to spend more quality time serving the clients face-to-face like they need to."

 -New River Valley Community Services
 Blacksburg, VA


"Clay-Batelle Health Services providers (physicians, dentists, physician assistants, social workers) are grateful for the (now) seamless and reliable workings of our telecommunications system. While they may not be aware of the specific improvements made by [TeleQuality], they are certainly aware that telecommunications no longer pose a barrier to providing quality care to their patients."

-Clay-Batelle Health Services
 Blacksville, WV