With healthcare and technology becoming increasingly integrated every day, your wide area network (WAN) is a vital component in delivering advanced 21st century healthcare. 



With highly distributed organizational structures that are often hard-to-reach and expensive to serve, healthcare systems are frequently forced to sacrifice reliability and increased connectivity for cost savings. With TQ’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) WAN solution, TQ HealthNet, you don’t have to choose. 

TQ HealthNet efficiently and seamlessly connects all locations, including remote offices and satellite clinics, into one cohesive network at an affordable, sustainable price. 

Our network engineers review your entire infrastructure to identify areas that could be redesigned for maximum cost-effectiveness, including: 

  • Physical transport technologies (fiber, copper, coax, point-to-point wireless, 4G LTE, etc.) 

  • Network designs (MPLS, Hybrid WAN, Ethernet, PLT, DIA, etc.) 

  • Bandwidth capacity and speeds needed across locations 

By combining a patchwork of disparate networks and technologies from multiple providers into one optimized solution, TQ HealthNet harnesses the highest quality connectivity types to deliver a unified service that reduces costs while improving your patient experience. Additionally, our WAN solution saves you money by reducing or eliminating costly infrastructure-associated expenses such as capital equipment purchases, disposal of obsolete equipment, and service upgrades. 



From adverse electrical events and natural disasters to cyber-attacks and intruders, emergencies will happen, which is why healthcare organizations must take preemptive measures to ensure network reliability in the face of a crisis. 

TQ networks are engineered to help safeguard your network by including: 

  • Options for cloud and data center services providing system resiliency 

  • Diverse carrier services and cable routes for maximum reliability 

  • Best of breed design and recommendations for network connectivity resiliency 

  • Hardware systems that allow personnel to make service repairs without expert IT experience 



Today’s healthcare organization is generating more data and supporting more connected medical devices than ever before. In order to provide the highest level of patient care, healthcare providers need reliable, robust, and high capacity data networks that deliver optimal performance and Internet speeds. 

With TQ HealthNet, your network will be bandwidth optimized to support large and latency-sensitive traffic including VoIP telephony, cloud applications such as EHRs, telemedicine video consultations, medical-image file transfers, email and administrative needs, and other demanding digital assets. 

Knowing bandwidth needs can quickly change, TQ networks are flexible and scalable allowing your bandwidth capacity to expand with ease. Additionally, TQ deploys expert network monitoring and delivers bandwidth utilization reports so you can conduct in-depth traffic analysis to ensure bandwidth resources are allocated appropriately across your organization’s network.



Critical but often overlooked, quality customer care from your service provider is an integral component in network optimization. In the face of network issues or downtime, a great network can be easily crippled by unresponsive or inadequate customer support. 

With TQ, customers have one number to call for all TQ service-related issues and all networks are backed by live, dedicated support engineers 24x7x365 in our customer technical assistance center (CTAC). 

Additionally, TQ customers are supported with exceptional customer care throughout the customer journey. All TQ customers are assigned a dedicated customer support team including a regional account manager (RAM), customer relations manager (CRM), project manager, and funding specialist to support all service needs including provisioning, installation, implementation, billing, account management, funding guidance, and more. 


Ready to upgrade your connectivity?

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