TeleQuality Communications Continues Advocacy for Rural Health Care, Competitive Markets, and Strong Program Compliance

SAN ANTONIO, TX (March 8, 2018) — TeleQuality Communications, LLC (TQ) submitted reply comments Monday to the Federal Communications Commission (Commission) in the “Promoting Telehealth and Telemedicine in Rural America” docket.  The Commission is currently seeking recommendations to update the Universal Service Fund Rural Health Care (RHC) program.

In conjunction with the reply comments, TQ CEO Tim Koxlien released the following statement:

“Competition in any market increases quality, decreases cost, and provides a check against waste, fraud, and abuse.  The RHC program is no exception, which is why we are advocating program improvements that foster competition and take advantage of the positive effects of market forces.

“Many of TeleQuality’s recommendations to the Commission are largely supported by other commenters, and our reply reiterates those points and expresses support for positive changes suggested by other program stakeholders.  In short, the RHC program can be improved by strengthening the competitive bidding process, streamlining and simplifying the application process, and enhancing certifications required of all program participants.  We encourage the Commission to ensure this program benefits from many service providers competing to provide high-quality solutions to healthcare providers, and that all participants are acting properly and complying with program rules.  Of course, the program itself should receive a budgetary adjustment to ensure it is sufficient to the task for which it was designed when Congress wrote it into law.

“We again thank the Commission for its diligent work in promoting telehealth and telemedicine in rural America, and in seeking ways to ensure the RHC program is stable, sufficient, and secure.  Rural healthcare providers rely on this program to help them afford implementation of the latest technologies that allow them to provide necessary and often life-saving care.  TeleQuality fully endorses efforts to advance this worthy cause, and we believe the suggestions we’ve provided to the Commission will help do just that.”

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About TeleQuality Communications:
TeleQuality Communications, LLC (TQ) is a leading provider of quality telecommunications and network connectivity products and services to rural healthcare facilities. Since 1999, TeleQuality has been designing and supplying organizations with cost-effective, custom network solutions to connect multiple business locations to each other, business partners, and the internet. TeleQuality’s technology solutions enable healthcare providers to take advantage of emerging healthcare technologies that increase access and lower the cost of healthcare. For more information, please visit or call 210-408-0388.