TeleQuality Communications Approved to Provide Services to MiCTA Members via the ENA Service Agreement

Saginaw, MI (December 3, 2018) – Utilizing ENA’s Master Service Agreement, TeleQuality Communications (TeleQuality) is now approved to provide managed Internet access, WAN, and Wi-Fi, Voice over IP, public, private, and hybrid cloud services and online back-up, video and web conferencing, and professional services to all MiCTA healthcare members across the United States. ENA is TeleQuality’s parent company and holds the Master Service Agreement with MiCTA.  

MiCTA, a non-profit national group purchasing organization, selected ENA after a thorough Request for Proposal review.

“TeleQuality is honored to be an approved vendor for the MiCTA healthcare membership for a multitude of telecommunications and technology services,” said Tim Koxlien, CEO of TeleQuality. “With nearly twenty years of experience serving the healthcare industry, we understand the complicated landscape healthcare organizations face and how technology is becoming increasingly integrated with the patient experience. Our goal is to provide a simplified and streamlined process for healthcare organizations to upgrade to dependable, innovative, and cost-effective technology solutions that enhance patient care.”

TeleQuality can provide MiCTA members with an ordered approach to the acquisition of connectivity, communication, and cloud services by identifying their requirements, engineering high-quality solutions that meet their needs, and providing exceptional project management and customer support before, during, and after implementation.

MiCTA’s Chief Executive Officer Tim von Hoff said, “MiCTA is pleased to award the Approved National status and Master Service Agreement to ENA. Their services, as well as TeleQuality’s, will provide the essential implementation planning for MiCTA members as they move forward with connectivity, communication, and cloud services.”

For more information about TeleQuality’s services through MiCTA, visit TeleQuality’s vendor page on the MiCTA website.

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MiCTA represents thousands of higher education, K-12, healthcare library, governmental and charitable entities. Nationally, MiCTA seeks to resolve common voice, video and data issues, provide helpful information, participate in legislative and regulatory telecom advocacy, and negotiate discounted purchase contracts for telecommunications and technology services for its members. To learn more visit:

About TeleQuality Communications:

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TeleQuality Communications (TeleQuality) provides healthcare organizations with cost-effective and tailored network and communication solutions supported by exceptional customer care. In 2018, TeleQuality and Education Networks of America, a leading provider of transformative technology solutions to education and library communities, joined forces to help bring critical connectivity and communication services to America’s community anchor institutions. For more information, please visit, call 210-408-0388, or email