Competitive Carrier Industry Investments, Solutions Critical to Bridging Digital Divide in Rural America

TeleQuality CEO Provides Insight into Merger with ENA, Strategic Investment Decisions at INCOMPAS Policy Summit

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 8, 2018) - “The competitive carrier industry has undergone immense changes in recent years.  However, we must continue taking positive steps and recognize the integral role we play in bridging the digital divide that still exists in rural and underserved areas of our country,” said Tim Koxlien, Founder and CEO of San-Antonio based TeleQuality Communications and its division Rural Health Telecom, yesterday at the INCOMPAS Policy Summit held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.   

The panel discussion, entitled “C-Levels’ Perspective on the Technology of Tomorrow: The Future of Business Strategy” featured Koxlien alongside other telecom and technology C-level executives in a conversation about making strategic investment and development decisions in a rapidly evolving technological environment.

 “High-speed broadband is no longer a luxury. Families and businesses need access for school, work, healthcare, career training, and more,” Koxlien said. “The FCC’s continued effort to solve this problem is important and beneficial.  The lack of broadband access has persisted for a long time. That’s why it’s imperative our industry promotes competitive market drivers that pave the way for carriers to solve these problems and reduce the cost of investments in these underserved areas.”

Koxlien highlighted TeleQuality’s recent merger with industry-leader Education Networks of America (ENA), which provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to schools and libraries, as a testament to both companies’ commitment to providing robust broadband connectivity, no matter the location.  This strategy will allow the combined company to leverage greater resources, drive down cost, and bring enhanced services to its customers, while continuing the shared goal of bridging the digital divide by delivering high-quality broadband and related technologies to more community anchor institutions across the country.

“Together with ENA, TeleQuality is in a better position to assist our current rural healthcare clients and expand our broadband footprint to serve important urban healthcare providers with enhanced services and greater connectivity,” Koxlien said. “With our continued focus on high-quality customer service, and unique support system designed specifically to mitigate the IT skills gap that often exists in rural America, this strategic merger demonstrates how competitive carriers can provide solutions to help close the digital divide.”  


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About TeleQuality Communications:

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