TeleQuality Endorses Permanent Approach To FCC Action that Provides Unfettered Access at Competitive Rates

CEO Koxlien Supports INCOMPAS-Verizon Joint Letter to FCC

SAN ANTONIO, TX (April 11, 2016) – An unusual joint appeal to the Federal Communications Commission by giant telecom provider Verizon and INCOMPAS, an association of smaller competitive telecom companies that urged creation of a permanent regulatory framework to govern special access rates, was endorsed today by TeleQuality Communications, Inc.’s CEO Tim Koxlien. 

After ten years of disagreement over the way in which the FCC has regulated special access for large and smaller providers, both sides have urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make the changes in an April 7th letter to FCC Secretary Marlene H. Dortch.

In a statement, Koxlien said, "The partnership between the competitive telecommunications carriers and Verizon will have an important influence on the FCC's work as they develop the rules that provide unfettered access to wholesale services at competitive rates."

Our rural healthcare clients will be significant benefactors if the results of the FCC's rule making meets this partnership's objectives."

In order for us to deliver what our rural healthcare customers need, our company partners with dozens of telecommunications service providers.  Better access to these networks at a reasonable cost, means these healthcare facilities will reap the benefits! 

"The FCC's special access ruling is as important as anything that this industry has seen since the Telecom Act of 1996.  My hope is that our nation can finally see the true impact of what the Act was intended to do.... "

This special access ruling combined with the Affordable Care Act's directives, means that the healthcare industry can implement broadband networks that serve their needs now and include a plan for the deployment of telemedicine technologies.

 “This is great news for businesses and consumers!"

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