TeleQuality Communications Debuts New Cyber Security Services as Part of Computer Network Solutions (CNS) Product Line

Features Proactive Management, Monitoring, Support and Securing of IT Infrastructure for Healthcare Providers

SAN ANTONIO (Oct. 24, 2016) — TeleQuality Communications, Inc. (TQCI), a leading provider of technology and telecommunications solutions for healthcare providers, announced today it is expanding its Computer Network Solutions (CNS) product line with a new cyber security monitoring and assessment service offering tailored exclusively for protecting healthcare data and fulfilling provider security needs across the country.

“Due to the extremely high value of healthcare data on the dark market, cyber security threats have increasingly become a larger issue to our client base of healthcare providers over the past few years; therefore, we recognized the critical need for cyber security monitoring solutions specialized exclusively for healthcare providers to protect their unique data,” said Tim Koxlien, Founder and CEO of TQCI.

TQCI’s new cyber security solutions is powered by ProMission Projects as TQCI’s IT partner and emphasizes continual monitoring for threats to the environment. This cyber security monitoring is offered as an enhancement to two IT service plans that already cover monitoring the health of the network to proactive services that help manage key devices on the network.

While details of the packages vary, each solution provides real-time reporting on the health of the local area network infrastructure, hardware and devices, as well as a comprehensive assessment of the network, devices, patches, warranties, software, security and hardware lifecycles while identifying potential vulnerabilities in the network and providing solutions for protection.

“The rapid emergence and rise of health IT tools and applications such as electronic health records (EHR) and telemedicine services means the health of a healthcare provider’s local IT infrastructure and environment is more critical than ever to providing 21st century care to patient populations,” said Jared Alfson, TQCI’s Health IT Engineer. “We recognize that healthcare budgets are extremely tight and IT resources can be limited especially in rural America; therefore, TeleQuality worked creatively to develop the right mix of health IT security offerings that would be affordable and flexible for every healthcare IT environment and situation.”

Alfson highlighted new research that indicates healthcare breaches cost more than any other industry on average due to the fact that financial impacts of a breach include indirect costs from patient turnover, brand damage, and time and revenue lost during the breach that can cripple even large healthcare systems.

“The healthcare industry must adapt to this new reality of digital and cyber warfare,” Alfson said. “Being proactive and completing a security analysis is the most important first step towards protection.”

About TeleQuality Communications, Inc. (TQCI)

TeleQuality Communications, Inc., is based in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 2006, TQCI focuses exclusively on supplying quality telecommunications and technology products and services to healthcare providers throughout America. TQCI has made Inc. magazine’s 500/5000 list of the fastest growing private companies five times in the past six years. For more information, please visit


Lauren Basile