telequality communications Leadership TEAM


Tim Koxlien
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Natalie Verette
Director of Sales



Justin Volker
Director of Regulatory Affairs



Lauren Anderson
Finance Manager



Reid Freeman
Regional Sales Manager



Rand Vincent
Manager of Client Services



Will Anderwald
PMO Manager



Mark Willis
Network Architect


TeleQuality Customer Service

TeleQuality is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service in the telecom industry. Please contact our Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) or fill out out a support form if you are experiencing any issues with your network connectivity.


Ricky Lopez
Customer Relations Manager


Courtney Pitkin
Customer Relations Manager


Funding Assistance

Tara Nordstrom and Debbi Robinson are the Funding Specialists for TeleQuality Communications. In this role, our funding specialists help answer questions for TeleQuality customers through the Universal Service Fund (USF) including the two mechanisms under the Rural Health Care Program: the Telecommunications Program and the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF). Knowing funding programs can be complicated and confusing, they help TQ customers analyze their funding options, allowing their locations the ability to receive the maximum amount of funding possible for their telecom services. Once the customer has selected a funding program, they support customers by notifying them of approaching program deadlines, providing the telecom information imperative for the filing process, and aiding them through the funding disbursement stage.

Have questions if your organization is eligible for funding? Email us at


Tara Nordstrom
Funding Specialist 

Tara Nordstrom- Square.jpg


Our dedicated Regional Account Managers (RAMs) work diligently to offer rural healthcare organizations customized and cost-effective network solutions to connect multiple business locations to each other, business partners and the Internet. Our RAMs focus on your overall quality experience, service excellence and complete satisfaction. 

Is your organization outside of our RAM territories? No problem, fill out our contact us form or email us and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible with someone to assist with your telecommunications upgrade needs. 

Click on the pictures below to read full bios of our Regional Account Managers. 

Chris Morgan
        Regional Account Manager           VA, WV, PA, NY

Trent Moller
        Regional Account Manager               AZ, CA, UT, NV

Greg Thompson
         Regional Account Manager             NC, KY, TN, OH


Charece Ehi Egbiki
         Regional Account Manager                  TX, NM    


Larry Bazelais
Regional Account Manager