At TeleQuality, we know healthcare organizations and community anchor institutions need bandwidth and lots of it.
Sometimes, a copper connection just won’t cut it.  

Fiber optic networks can deliver the gigabit speeds you need while bringing critical benefits of increased reliability and redundancy. Additionally, once fiber is built out to your local community it’s exponentially easier for surrounding businesses, homes, and institutions to connect to these high-speed networks.  

Fiber will take your community to the next level, but delivering fiber out to any community is an extremely complicated and expensive process filled with legal, financial, and regulatory hurdles to overcome. Let TeleQuality do the work for your organization.

Our network solutions include dark or lit fiber. With our Fiber Management Services, we’ll:

  • Research your specific community by identifying existing telecom networks, dark fiber, planned build-outs, etc.

  • Develop a customized project plan that will detail permitting, legal, regulatory and construction costs

  • Find trusted vendors for all construction needs

  • Manage the provisioning and construction build stages

  • Manage the installation and turn-up of your fiber services






Custom, Private Fiber Networks


Request more information on fiber construction by filing out our contact form to the right. 

Let us put our expertise to work for you. We’ll manage the entire process with every vendor so you don’t have to. Simplified management so you have peace of mind knowing fiber will soon be connecting your community and your institution.