New River Valley Community Services - Blacksburg, VA

"TeleQuality was able to help us bring in fiber to all of our locations at a phenomenal savings and with a greater increase in speed. Our clinicians are now more efficient with the enhancements we have and they're able to spend more quality time serving the clients face-to-face like they need to."

James Heath - IS Technology Mgr.

Family Health Center - Laurel, MS

"What [TeleQuality] did was they were able to bring all of the networks together where we could communicate with each other and it could do it at a rapid speed. When TeleQuality came along it was music to our ears…and it has really made a difference in the way our organization operates today."

Dr. Rashad N. Ali, M.D. - CEO

HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital - Oconto Falls, WI

"We work closely with our pharmacy manger Jason Knox and we developed a remote dispensing service for a lot of our off-site clinics. So we are able to send video and audio over to those clinics so that patients can consultant with a pharmacist that is here in Oconto Falls without having those patients having to make the drive down here."

Jared Alfson - Director of Information Services

HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital - Oconto Falls, WI

"We've been able to work with a technician to oversee their work using the Internet and connectivity. Using our remote dispensing sites in our rural clinics we are able to fill prescriptions for patients who otherwise may have to travel to distant communities."

Jason Knox - Pharmacy Manager

Eastern Shore Community Services Board -Nassadowax, VA

"TeleQuality's hallmark attribute is that they are always working to boost their customer service to a higher plateau of excellence and we are very grateful for their commitment to continually strive to do their best."

Lisa B. Sadjat, LCSW - Executive Director; Damien Greene - Information Technology Director; Lynier Linton - Director of Finance & Administration

Capstone Rural Health  - Parrish, AL

“I would rate TQCI’s customer service as one of the best we experience. Better than any other provider we’ve had, TQCI has excelled in every part of the service they provide to our clinics.”

Jason Workman - IT Manager

Clay-Batelle Health Services - Blacksville, WV

"Clay-Batelle Health Services providers (physicians, dentists, physician assistants, social workers) are grateful for the (now) seamless and reliable workings of our telecommunications system. While they may not be aware of the specific improvements made by [TeleQuality], they are certainly aware that telecommunications no longer pose a barrier to providing quality care to their patients."

Janice Morris, DDS Chief Executive Officer

Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Health - Pine Bluff, AR

"I admittedly was a little skeptical in the beginning, as Vault explained in detail the services offered by the company. In each subsequent meeting with Vault, I was able to develop a confidence and trust in the information he was sharing me and ultimately decided that our Agency would pursue the funding opportunity to enhance our network capabilities."

Kathy Harris- President & CEO

New River Valley Community Services - Blacksburg, VA

"It is rare for something to be as good as promised. Getting so much data capacity for so little money seemed too good to be true. However, TQCI has kept their promises and provided us with a fantastic data network for less than we paid for our previous mish-mosh of various lower quality data solutions."

Chip Tarbutton, MA, PMP, IS Coordinator

Valley-Wide Health Systems- Alamosa, CO

"I was surprised that TQCI would take the time to actually visit and talk with me face-to-face about our needs and the service they provide. I don’t see that type of service from other vendors I work with."

Larry Helms- Chief Information Officer (CIO) 

Shingletown Medical Center - Shingletown, CA

"Without their help (and patience with me), our patients would not have access to telemedicine consults. We are in a very small town in the mountains in Northern California and without these services; our patients would not be able to see specialists, due to our remote location and lack of public transportation."

Tammy Wilham, Front Office Supervisor

North Country HealthCare -  Flagstaff, AZ

"TeleQuality’s support is second to none. We have regularly scheduled phone calls with our Customer Relations Manager, and their Network Operations Center is very responsive to any issues that may arise. They are very responsive to any requests and I often feel as if we are their only customer. "

Joe Connell, IT Manager

Texoma Community Center - Sherman, TX

"From the first face-to-face meeting to current dealings, TeleQuality has shown a professionalism and courtesy that has, by far, excelled beyond expectation."

Kisha’ann Bowen, System Support Specialist


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Mississippi Rural Health Association

"In the ever changing world of healthcare, fast and reliable access to broadband internet is essential.  From electronic health records to telehealth, reliability and speed together will allow a practice to stay ahead of the curve. In rural Mississippi, it is even more important that a facility select a carrier and a support group that will supply the broadband coverage to adequately fit their needs. Rural Health Telecom can assist facilities in determining this need and get them where they need to go."

Ryan Kelly, Executive Director