Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc. 

Alamosa, CO

Larry Helms, CIO

How would you describe the face to face interaction you receive from TQCI, as compared to other vendors you have worked with in the past, or are currently working with? 

"I was surprised that TQCI would take the time to actually visit and talk with me face-to-face about our needs and the service they provide.  I don’t see that type of service from other vendors I work with."

How would you describe the installation process of the TQCI products? Was it easy to understand? How did it compare to other vendors you have worked with? 

"The installation process went very smoothly with TQCI.  They communicated well before, during and after the installation.  Our employees didn’t notice any disruption of service or quality issues during installation so that says a lot about the service of TQCI."

What problems has TQCI helped you to solve in your organization?

"TQCI helped our organization by providing services that support our organization and not just supplying services that support their organization.  They listened to our needs and gave us what we needed."

How does TQCI’s knowledge of your industry compare to other vendors you are working with? 

"TQCI listened to our needs as an organization and matched us up with the services that supported us.  They came, they listened, they supplied.  Not much more you can ask of a vendor."

Were you skeptical of the funding program when you first learned of this? How has your view of the funding program changed now that you are actively involved? 

"The funding program sounded too good to be true so I was a little skeptical in the beginning.  We are very grateful for the opportunity to have high quality, fast services in our rural locations."

How would you rate the overall customer service you receive from the TQCI staff? 

"The customer service we receive from TQCI is excellent!  They make sure I have all the information and support that I need to submit the proper forms and are very helpful!"

How have your healthcare providers (Doctors, nurses, etc.) reacted to the service TQCI has installed? 

"Our providers and healthcare teams don’t usually tell us when things are going well- only when things are not going well.  That being said, our providers are very happy with the speed and quality of the service because they aren’t calling me complaining about the lack of speed or quality of the service."

Since TQCI has implemented their services what is the biggest impact you have seen to your organization? 

"The biggest impact that TQCI services has made on our organization is the quality and consistency of the service- major reduction in downtime and service interruptions.  We tend to take for granted now that the service will just be there when we need it. That’s peace of mind."

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