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Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Healthcare System

Pine Bluff, AR

Kathy D. Harris, President & CEO

How did you first hear about TeleQuality Communications? 

"About 4-1/2 years ago, I was attending the Mental Health Institute that occurs in Arkansas in August of each year.  I had the opportunity to participate in an event sponsored by [TeleQuality Communications], where Tim Koxlien, the President, shared how the company had been able to partner with another Community Mental Health Center in Arkansas and that had resulted in improved network connectivity for their agency as well as assist them in accessing funding to support their system."

What problems were you experiencing before TeleQuality's upgrade? 

"We were experiencing much frustration internally with our internet “slowness” and operating within an electronic health record system, this was creating efficiency issues."

How did TeleQuality help with the funding process and application? 

"After that initial application approval, we have been successful in applying for and continuing to receive funding from the Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC).  Along the way, what has made the process easier is the customer support that Vault has spearheaded on behalf of Rural Health Telecom/TeleQuality."

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