Customer Testimonial


Shingletown Medical Center

Shingletown, CA

Tammy Wilham, Front Office Supervisor 

I have had the pleasure of working with TeleQuality for 5 to 6 years. I inherited the telecommunications program and the [USF] funding from our former CEO. When I first started doing the paperwork, I was completely lost. The account reps walked me through every aspect of filing for the funding programs. Without them, nothing would have been filed at all, let alone correctly.

I have been through two USAC audits and TeleQuality has been there to provide me with all of the documentation required as well as getting on the telephone with the auditor to explain [their] processes better than I could every attempt to do on my own.

Whenever one of the company representatives has had the opportunity to come out and visit with us, they have been a joy to talk with. When we needed to look into changing or expanding our services with TeleQuality, they explained our options to us in a way that we did not feel overwhelmed or confused.

I was fortunate to inherit TeleQuality with our telecommunications filings. I have never had to deal with any other company and would never want to have to change. Without their help (and patience with me), our patients would not have access to telemedicine consults. We are in a very small town in the mountains in Northern California and without these services; our patients would not be able to see specialists, due to our remote location and lack of public transportation.

I want to thank everyone at TeleQuality. You are truly a blessing.