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New River Valley Community Services

Blacksburg, VA

Chip Tarbutton, MA, PMP, IS Coordinator 

How would you rate TeleQuality's funding assistance service? 

"TQCI does an excellent job of presenting the benefits of the USAC funding and then helping to ensure the funding and technical aspects are handled in a timely manner. The staff is unfailingly professional and helpful and provide an outstanding vendor experience. Many vendors talk about partnering with their clients, TQCI comes the closest to actually acting like a true partner." 

Has your perception of the USAC funding program changed since working with TeleQuality? 

"It is rare for something to be as good as promised. Getting so much data capacity for so little money seemed too good to be true. However, TQCI has kept their promises and provided us with a fantastic data network for less than we paid for our previous mish-mosh of various lower quality data solutions. The paperwork challenges seemed daunting, but the team from TQCI does an outstanding job of working to help us navigate the funding paperwork. I would not say it is easy to handle the USAC paperwork, but it is much easier than I imagined it would be, primarily because of the outstanding support from the TQCI team." 

What problems has TeleQuality helped solve for your organization? 

"Primarily, they have provided our agency the ability to acquire the kind of high speed fiber capacity that our organization desperately needs but could never afford without the USAC funding agreements. Our ability to effectively provide critical mental health services to the community increasingly demands robust data capacity. Prior to working with TQCI, several of our sites did not have access to high speed internet. We are able to provide our clinical staff access to a modern data network and spend less than we would through the variety of vendors that would provide only a fraction of the data capacity. Plus having a SPOC makes network issues easier to resolve."


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