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Clay-Batelle Health Services Association

Blacksville, WV

Janice Morris, DDS Chief Executive Officer

How did you first hear about TeleQuality Communications? 

"Our relationship with [TeleQuality] began over two years ago, when their representatives scheduled a visit to our locations in north central West Virginia. The Clay-Batelle Health Services Association operates two community health centers which offer medical, dental and behavioral health services to an underserved, rural population. When we were first approached by [TeleQuality], we were experiencing difficulties with our telecommunications service provider; we had problems with reliability, connection speed, redundancy between sites, etc. However, at that time we could not foresee the impact [TeleQuality] representatives would have on our operations."

How important is telecommunications for rural healthcare? 

"Because we are the sole health care providers in our designated service area of approximately 325 sq. mi., our telecommunication needs are significant, and perhaps unique to health care providers in rural America, where other options for patients may be limited and difficult to access. It is vitally important that we are able to quickly access and retrieve patient information 24/7 to provide the best care possible."

How has TeleQuality helped with your telecommunications services? 

"Since that initial meeting, [TeleQuality] has assumed the contracts we had with our previous telecommunications service, re-designed and strengthened our network, and developed redundant connections to ensure no interruption in service. Further, it has assisted us in lowering our telecommunications costs. Its customer service, which includes periodic face-to-face interactions and regular correspondence (both written and by telephone), has been superior to virtually all of our vendors in the telecommunications arena. Its representatives have researched and presented new opportunities for services (e.g. telehealth), which would expand our scope of services and generate additional income- and they have identified funding mechanisms to assist us with implementing the new services. Their industry knowledge is comprehensive, and we have found their response to our questions or concerns to be thorough and timely."

Has your TeleQuality upgrade helped your healthcare providers perform their jobs? 

"Clay-Batelle Health Services providers (physicians, dentists, physician assistants, social workers) are grateful for the (now) seamless and reliable workings of our telecommunications system. While they may not be aware of the specific improvements made by [TeleQuality], they are certainly aware that telecommunications no longer pose a barrier to providing quality care to their patients."

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