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Capstone Rural Health Clinic

Parrish, AL

Jason Workman, IT Manager

What problems did TeleQuality help you solve?  

"Steve along with TQCI has helped bring reliable internet service to our Jasper and Parrish facilities and is currently working on doing the impossible by providing high speed services to our most remote office. The network in that area is so bad it makes dialup feel fast." 

How did TeleQuality help with funding assistance and guidance? 

"Being a small rural health care facility, we don’t have USAC funding specialists and heard from our peers that the terrain is difficult to navigate. TQCI has helped our staff understand USAC, navigate the terrain, and provides notifications before it is time to renew thereby never allowing our funding to lapse. We are grateful for both the network and USAC knowledge TQCI brings into our partnership."

How did TeleQuality's customer service stand out to you? 

"Unlike many of our other vendors, TQCI has been to and toured each of our three sites, met our staff, and returns regularly for F2F visits with our IT department when they are in the area. These F2F meetings reassure us of TQCI’s commitment to our organization, assure that we continue to remain satisfied with TQCI’s products, and discuss any issues and upcoming needs we may have."

What is the biggest impact TeleQuality has made on your organization? 

"We are always talking about the quality and reliability of the network TQCI has provided to our clinics.  Over the past year, our network has not failed due to a TQCI related issue and that is such an asset to our organization. The prior service provider’s connection would drop a multiple times per week at best to multiple times per day at worst. Going from the worst to the best has been truly a pleasurable experience. Thank you Steve and TQCI. "

How would you rate TeleQuality's customer service? 

"I would rate TQCI’s customer service as one of the best we experience. Better than any other provider we’ve had, TQCI has excelled in every part of the service they provide to our clinics. We are so grateful to have an organization such as TQCI who understands our patients, our providers, and our needs. The services they bring to our partnership are priceless adding enormous value to our practice while saving us time and money."

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