Rural Health Telecom℠ | Who Are We & What Are We Here to Do?

Rural Health Telecom focuses solely on supplying quality telemedicine, telecommunications products and services to healthcare facilities in rural America. In fact, Rural Health Telecom is the industry leader in the continental United States. Since 1999 Rural Health has steadily grown by understanding that our ultimate goal is helping doctors and other healthcare providers serve their patients through the latest telecommunications technology.

Spotlight On Technology: Fayetteville Gives Doctors an Extra Set of Hands

The da Vinci Robot is like having five arms. These days, don't we all wish we had an extra set of hands in our jobs?

Cape Fear Valley Health Systems has put Fayetteville on the map as they have progressed with their technology and patient care.

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So, What is The Healthcare Connect Fund?

The Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) provides support for eligible health care providers (HCPs) to access proper broadband connectivity and encourages the formation of state and regional broadband networks. Under the HCF, eligible HCPs can apply as individuals or as part of a consortium. Individual HCPs and consortium applicants will be able to receive a 65% discount on all eligible services and equipment. Applicants will also be able to receive this discount on HCP-constructed and owned network facilities. The application process will begin in late summer of 2013 and funding will begin January 1, 2014.

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