Web Roundup: 10 Fascinating Infographics About Telemedicine and Health IT


It's no secret telemedicine is disrupting the healthcare industry with its ability to allow providers to care for patients no matter their distance, but sometimes it helps to see that transformation in a visual form! That's why we're currently obsessing over infographics and the power they have to share compelling data on the latest health IT trends. Check out these 10 fascinating infographics about telemedicine and health IT that we just had to share! 

1. The History of Telemedicine

This infographic from telemedicine provider eVisit showcases the history of telemedicine from its earliest roots to its promising future. 


2. Telehealth Visits Enhance Patient Experience 

Our next infographic comes from HIDA, the Health Industry Distributors Association, and focuses on how telehealth visits are enhancing the patient experience and strengthening the physician-patient relationship. 


3. Virtual Care Spotlight 

This infographic from Deliotte Insights breaks down their 2018 Surveys of US Health Care Consumers and Physicians with a spotlight on virtual care. We love how this infographic juxtaposes consumer and physician interests in one easy-to-read image! 


4. Cracking the Code: The Difference Between Good and Bad Health IT

Are your health IT systems helping or hampering your healthcare organization? This infographic from Adelphi University takes a look at how health IT programs can be better designed to increase patient care and provider satisfaction. 


5. State Telehealth Laws and Medicaid Program Policies 

The Center for Connected Health Policy is a fantastic organization that keeps readers up-to-date on the latest legal and regulatory changes affecting telehealth and health IT at the federal and state levels. That's why we love this infographic giving a quick glance at the various state telehealth laws and Medicaid program policies you should know about. 


6. Medicine, Millennials and Mobile

Medicine, millennials and mobile, oh my! Our next infographic comes from independent healthcare accreditation entity URAC who looked at how millennials are driving telehealth adoption in the workplace. 


7. Telemedicine & Health Informatics Career Opportunities 

Here's another awesome infographic from Adelphi University, this time featuring the many career opportunities available in the newly-emerged telemedicine and health informatics industries. 


8. Time for a Checkup: Telemedicine and Cyber Risk 

Healthcare is one of the most targeted industries for cyber crime and risk. Check out this infographic from Advisen Insurance that highlights how cyber criminals attack healthcare organizations and how you can protect your organization's critical data.  


9.  How Telemedicine is Beneficial During Natural Disasters 

The peak of 2018's hurricane season is upon us and it's the perfect time to highlight how telemedicine can be a life-saving tool during natural disasters. We're loving this infographic from Medical Transcription Services that breaks down the various ways telemedicine can help victims in natural disasters. 


10. Health IT and the Home Healthcare

Last but not least, we've featured another infographic from Adelphi University that takes an in-depth look at telemedicine used for in-home healthcare. We love how this one showcases the endless opportunities and beneficiaries of these advanced health IT solutions! 


These infographics make you want to dive straight into telemedicine implementation?! Before you jump, it's critical to make sure your network and broadband connectivity are ready for your new services! If you're looking for a telecom partner during this process, contact us for a free network evaluation and assessment.