Need a Better Phone Solution? Discover ENA SmartVoice


Challenge: Outdated phone systems create obstacles and have become a burden for healthcare organizations.

Outdated phone systems are often difficult to integrate with existing systems and lack enhanced feature sets that can boost security and increase productivity. Location-restrictive voice platforms require staff to be physically present to place calls or access their voicemail, significantly hindering their ability to communicate when they are away from their desks or offices. Older systems also require regular maintenance and upgrades to ensure they are protected and functioning optimally.

Solution: Hosted VoIP solutions are designed to help healthcare organizations streamline their communications, cut costs, and introduce a new level of efficiency, security, and connectivity that traditional phone services just can’t deliver.  


Scalability: Voice over IP (VoIP) is scalable and offers a tremendous amount of flexibility—enabling healthcare organizations to deploy communications at one site, multiple sites, or campus-wide.  Large medical systems can add one extension or an entire system of facilities.


Mobility: Missing important calls or information can create stress, miscommunications, and decrease efficiency. ENA SmartVoice Mobile makes your tech support staff accessible, no matter where they are. Even when cellular connections are down, mobile VoIP users can stay connected by making and receiving calls to and from their work extensions.


Predictable Costs & Savings: With a hosted VoIP solution like ENA SmartVoice, there’s no outlay of capital expenditure other than the phones themselves—only a flat monthly rate that delivers savings and a lower cost of ownership over traditional on-premises systems. Its value rises while that of aging, underperforming on-premises systems only declines. VoIP allows your healthcare system or clinic to save time and effort that otherwise would have been spent on additional infrastructure, project management, and staffing. The saved time and budget dollars can be redirected to support and fund other critical projects and priorities.


Easy to Manage Configurations: With hosted VoIP, staff can quickly make name changes and PIN resets, create call groups, configure automated attendant and users’ phones, pull call detail records, configure zone paging, and so much more.


Efficiency: A hosted VoIP service like ENA SmartVoice includes comprehensive, productivity-enhancing features that legacy phone systems cannot provide.


Security: With a hosted VoIP system like ENA SmartVoice you’ll have the option of integrating security-focused enhancements that can make securing your facility easy. At the touch of a button, you can enhance communications with visitors and control access to your buildings, integrate and extend paging and emergency notification alerts, access cloud recordings of your communications, and capture critical and information in the event of a threat.


Tailored Features That Meet Your Needs:

  • Integration with existing analog overhead paging systems, as well as SIP paging offerings

  • Ability to pull call detail records via an online admin portal

  • Customizable messaging/on hold music

As the healthcare industry continues making the shift to advanced, hosted technologies, it is critical to implement solutions that minimize the burden on their limited resources. Voice services should positively impact an organization’s overall operational efficiencies and productivity. A move to a cloud-based VoIP service can make a huge impact and free up critical time and funds.


ENA SmartVoice—Enterprise-grade VoIP Designed Specifically for Healthcare Organizations

ENA SmartVoice is a highly resilient, interconnected VoIP service that combines the calling capabilities of traditional dial tone with next-generation IP PBX phone features.

Learn about TeleQuality’s new product solution: ENA SmartVoice