Spotlight On Technology: Fayetteville Gives Doctors an Extra Set of Hands


The da Vinci Robot is like having five arms. These days, don't we all wish we had an extra set of hands in our jobs?

Cape Fear Valley Health Systems has put Fayetteville on the map as they have progressed with their technology and patient care.

Dr. Christian DeBeck, a urologist at Cape Fear Valley Health Systems is the man behind the machine.

The medical center now possesses state-of-the-art technology for prostate cancer treatments thanks to their new robot, the da Vinci Surgical System that aids physicians in performing surgery while being beneficial for the patient.

While there is a lot of growth dealing with patients who might have delayed care because they did not want to travel for procedures, DeBeck forges ahead with robotic surgery used in more traditional treatments for prostate, kidney and adrenal procedures.

The da Vinci Surgical System is the five-armed robot designed to provide surgeonsenhanced capabilities giving them a high definition 3-D view and overall better treatment option for patients.

DeBeck has been doing robotic surgery since 2006 in his last year of residency, when he became sold on the technology because it gives the surgeon a distinct advantage of what they are able to do.

“I’m in the outcomes business, and this is the tool that get me to the outcome I want for my patients. That’s what keeps me going”, said deBeck. “Robotics is the type of research being done by the military, and space technology and the technology keeps increasing to become smaller, better and faster.”