RHT℠ HealthNet Delivering Big Bandwidth for Small Investment


Rural Health Telecom℠’s (RHT) HealthNet network product is powering healthcare provider tele-medicine applications all over the country.  From a two-location setup in California to a nearly 150-location complex network in Georgia, HealthNet offers cost-savings, unique redundancy capabilities and major bandwidth solutions to a healthcare provider’s operations. “What makes our network product a very viable solution for all Electronic Medical Records and telemedicine applications is that Rural Health Telecom℠ not only specially designs each network for the customer’s needs, but also can take advantage of all facets of connectivity available in the local area,” said Brandon Olds, Rural Health Telecom℠ senior engineer.  “While we might use one of the large carriers for basic service, we also look at including fiber, cable, wireless and satellite operators in the area of the facility to provide diverse connections.  That adds system speed, capacity and stability during emergencies.”

While a major network with multiple access options sounds like it might get expensive, Rural Health Telecom℠ has helped all of its customers obtain funding for these systems through the Universal Service Fund (USF).  The benefits of RHT’s nearly 14 years of experience with the USF accrues to customers in the form of being able to obtain the largest, fastest network for the fewest out-of-pocket dollars.

“The mega-carriers do not offer the system design and support we do.  We offer on-premise service assistance during installation as well as service and maintenance.  And we do this at no additional charge,” explained Tim Koxlien, RHT℠ CEO.  “We have the expertise to go above and beyond other network providers.  Quality customer care is who we are as a company.  Since Rural Health Telecom℠ is the only telecom company that exclusively serves the healthcare industry, we have a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs and that gives healthcare providers a great sense of comfort.”