Rural Health Telecom℠ Expands Service Capabilities to Three New Regions


Rural Health Telecom℠ announced its expansion of offices into three major regions in the United States.  Currently, Rural Health Telecom℠ serves the technology needs of rural healthcare facilities in 32 states, and this development of staffing and customer service capabilities in Colorado, Virginia and Ohio will get the growing telecommunications company closer to its goal of serving the entire lower 48 states with its personal brand of providing technology solutions. Rural Health Telecom’s℠ new regional managers include: Christopher Morgan, officing in Reston, Virginia, and responsible for the New England states; Randall Tate in Dayton, Ohio, managing the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana region; and, Mark Hanlon in Castle Rock, Colorado, handling the Big Sky areas of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas and Nebraska.

“Our company is all about personal service and building quality relationships with the people who operate rural hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities we serve around the country,” said Rural Health Telecom℠ CEO Tim Koxlien.  “While the information technology and associated telecommunications infrastructure side of the business can be quite complex, our entire focus is on ensuring that the doctors and administrators never have to worry about the technical aspect of these systems.  We know their time must to be dedicated to patients and quality care.”

Koxlien launched Rural Health Telecom℠ in 1999 and serves all types of rural healthcare providers from major medical centers like the Mayo Clinic to small clinics.

“Telemedicine technology is steadily improving, but most of the new advancements require substantial bandwidth capabilities to quickly handle large files like a high resolution CT scan,” Koxlien explained.  “There are some funding dollars available to help drive major telecommunications upgrades for rural facilities so patients can get the same level of healthcare in remote areas of the country as people who live in major urban areas receive.  Rural Health Telecom℠ can help healthcare professionals locate those funding opportunities, as well as provide the technology installation and maintenance.  Our goal is bring the best telemedicine technology possible to rural healthcare providers so they can concentrate on keeping people healthy and saving lives.”