Rural Health Telecom℠ Brings Leading Edge Technology to Rural Healthcare Providers


Rural Health Telecom℠ is leading the nation’s efforts to ensure rural healthcare providers can access the quickly-evolving telemedicine technology driving medical care today.  Rural Health Telecom℠ Founder/CEO and Comptel board member Tim Koxlien has made bringing these technology advancements to patients in small towns across the U.S.  his life’s work.

“We launched this effort in 1999 and have invested a lot of time and treasure into growing our capabilities and reach throughout rural America,” Koxlien said.  “We’ve created some great working relationships with healthcare administrators and public officials along the way, because our business model is not just about hardware and network, it’s about patient care.  We understand that the ultimate client is the patient and his or her doctor.  Our job is to enable better healthcare opportunities for families in all areas of the country through making the best telecommunications technology available and affordable to rural healthcare providers.”

In addition to recently expanding its offices into three major regions in the U.S., Rural Health Telecom℠ recently implemented a dual-provider, fully-managed IT service for its customers.  This capability will give healthcare providers:

  • Diverse telecom carriers which adds redundancy for IT systems
  • Diverse routes for flexible facility installations
  • Dual carrier wired and wireless options
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Data type monitoring and consulting to maximize bandwidth use efficiency

“Rural Health Telecom℠ has put these technology options together, so they are unique to our company,” Koxlien explained.  “While we’re not a mega-carrier like AT&T or Verizon, neither one of those giants can or would offer this type of dual-provider service or hands on IT consulting to rural customers like we can.  That’s extremely valuable to a healthcare system’s service up time and bottom line.

“Our company is all about personal service and building quality relationships with the people who operate rural hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities we serve around the country,” Koxlien concluded.  “While the information technology and associated telecommunications infrastructure side of the business can be quite complex, our entire focus is on ensuring that the doctors and administrators never have to worry about the technical aspect of these systems.  We know their time must be dedicated to patients and quality care.”


TeleQuality is the parent company of Rural Health Telecom. Founded in 1999, Rural Health Telecom is a national leader in providing telecommunications services to rural healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. Both companies are based in San Antonio, Texas.  Learn more at