At TeleQuality Communications, our mission is to assist our healthcare partners deliver the best health care they can to the communities they serve. In addition to high-quality Internet access and data network products and services, we offer a high-touch customer service experience. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so our employees will always offer you a no-excuses, can-do approach so that you're never alone should a problem ever arise. 

In 2018, we joined forces with Education Networks of America (ENA), a leading provider of transformative technology solutions to education and library communities, to help bring critical connectivity and communication services to America’s community anchor institutions.

With expanded federal funding available through the Universal Service Fund (USF) and other funding sources, rural healthcare facilities may have an unparalleled opportunity to obtain: 

  • State-of-the-art telecommunications network design, services and equipment, whether it be from TeleQuality or from another telecommunications company

  • Opportunities to plan now for future network bandwidth growth

  • Intuitive system design for reliable service and emergency management for disaster recovery

We will not only design a customized data network specific to meet your needs, but will provide you access to a dedicated funding specialists who will make sure you know about every deadline and change that could affect your organization's funding. 

Our expert funding specialist will also help:

  • Analyze funding options

  • Answer any questions the healthcare provider may have regarding available funding

  • Provide information on how your organization can obtain funding to help offset costs of your telecom network

  • Manage required backup documents