TeleQuality Communications (TQ) delivers tailored solutions to healthcare providers and organizations nationwide. Our powerful portfolio is designed to improve workflows, operational efficiencies, decision making, and care coordination, allowing medical providers to spend less time dealing with technology and more time focusing on what matters most – providing quality care to patients.

Customized Solutions

Our powerful solutions are engineered and supported by professionals who understand the unique infrastructure needs, challenges, and requirements of today’s ever-evolving healthcare ecosystem. 


Cost-effective and scalable, TQ’s suite of voice and video solutions are engineered to streamline, mobilize, and enhance communications across today’s 21st century healthcare systems. 


TQ’s connectivity solutions are designed to optimize your network’s infrastructure, broadband, and bandwidth to fit your specific needs. Our managed wide area network (WAN) and Internet access (IA) services provide the robust, flexible, and reliable high-capacity connectivity your organization needs to deliver quality care. 


TQ’s comprehensive security solutions are expertly designed to enable healthcare providers to protect, prevent, and secure critical patient and business data from damaging cyber threats and attacks. 



Our Customer Service Excellence Promise

At TQ, our customers are our number one priority. We know other companies talk the talk, but going above and beyond for our customers is at the core of everything we do. From design and deployment to delivery and ongoing support, our passion for superior customer service at every stage is what sets us apart.

We listen. We respond. We make it right. 
That is our promise to you. 


Enabling the Digital Age of Healthcare 

At TQ, we’re committed to helping our healthcare partners deliver the best healthcare possible to the communities they serve. We understand how the intersection of technology and healthcare is rapidly changing the delivery of care. 

The broadband networks we build, along with the communication and security solutions we deploy, provide the high-capacity infrastructure needed to support digital, innovative healthcare services including: 

  • Web consultations and telemedicine video sessions

  • Streamlined access to cloud-based applications, including EHRs, payroll, ePrescribing, and more 

  • Remote patient monitoring 

  • Store and forward telehealth, big data exchange, and electronic medical imaging transfers

  • Virtual healthcare teams and educational training 

  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) 

  • mHealth


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What Our Customers Say About Us 

“We are so grateful to have an organization such as TeleQuality who understands our patients, our providers, and our needs. The services they bring to our partnership are priceless, adding enormous value to our practice while saving us time and money.”

– Jason Workman, IT Manager 
Capstone Rural Health Clinic, Alabama