Rural Health Telecom℠ is the sales division of TeleQuality Communications which is committed to providing rural healthcare providers full knowledge of the latest telecommunications technology. Since 1999, Rural Health Telecom℠ has steadily grown by understanding that our ultimate goal is helping doctors and clinicians provide the best health care possible to the communities they serve.

Knowing that a telecommunications installation can be expensive, Rural Health Telecom℠ can help hospitals and clinics identify supplemental funding sources. The federal government's Universal Service Fund (USF) and various other funding sources provide financial assistance to rural healthcare providers for telecom upgrades. Rural Health Telecom℠ has helped organizations across the country navigate the USF and various other funding sources and obtain those valuable system resources.

Our dedication to customer care means healthcare professionals can spend their time keeping patients healthy rather than worrying about hardware and software. With today's advances in telemedicine, Rural Health Telecom℠ can ensure your healthcare facility is wired to help meet current needs as well as plan for the future. 

Meet the Rural Health Telecom leadership team and contact us today for a free network evaluation!