Cyber attacks in the healthcare industry are rapidly rising. In fact, healthcare is predicted to be the #1 target for hackers in 2017 and beyond. These attacks can not only impact the stability and reliability of your network but in some instances render computer systems inoperable through malware-deployed data ransom.

Your organization cannot afford to fall victim to a cyber attack. Mitigate your risk and protect your patient data today.

With TQCI’s Cyber Security Solutions our proactive local network monitoring will diagnose potential problems before they have a chance to occur. TQCI’s offering will monitor and provide operating status reports and areas that need to be addressed on:

  • Security issues or breaches
  • Server operation
  • Available disc space
  • Status of devices
  • Patches that need to be updated 
  • Warranties 
  • Hardware that needs to be replaced

Let TQCI focus on your local network so you can focus on patient care.