Western Mental Health Center

Business: Western Mental Health Center (WMHC) is a non-profit behavioral and mental health rehabilitation center providing a variety of comprehensive mental health services to Minnesota residents since 1959.


  • Upgrade their bandwidth speeds to power their telemedicine technology and services
  • Connect their remote satellite locations to their main office
  • Enable their network to support an IP-based phone system
  • Reduce the cost of their network through funding or other mechanisms as to not affect their bottom line

Business Outcome: Using TeleQuality Communications’ HealthNet network solution, WMHC was able to connect four of its locations using a Private network delivering various bandwidth speeds to instantly upgrade the quality and performance of their telemedicine services. Now, their telemedicine video conferencing sessions are streamlined and successful.

TeleQuality Solution: HealthNet

East Arkansas Family Health Center (EAFHC)

When existing TeleQuality customer East Arkansas Family Health Center (EAFHC) planned for the grand opening of their brand new administrative offices and health center in West Memphis, they needed a service provider who could upgrade their network speeds and seamlessly transition the network while saving on costs. TeleQuality Communications stepped up to the challenge. Read our EAFHC customer success story now.