Manage. Monitor. Support. Secure.

Healthcare IT networks are larger and more complex than ever before. From classical IT infrastructure to state-of-the-art networks supporting electronic health records (EHR), medical equipment, practice management systems, interoperable systems and more, the size of healthcare IT networks presents a greater need for oversight. If these networks aren’t properly monitored and managed at the executive or administrative level, the costs can be severe, from damaging the quality of patient care to potentially causing harm to the patients themselves and damaging your organization’s reputation.

Protect your local area network (LAN), healthcare organization and patient data with proactive software solutions.

Our Computer Network Solutions (CNS) product line is a comprehensive, enterprise-level network package that monitors, manages, supports and secures healthcare networks. Our system has been specifically designed to access the IT DNA of the network’s working infrastructure while providing real-time 24/7 monitoring, reports and security that will expand your control and understanding of the network while increasing productivity and efficiencies. At TeleQuality, healthcare is the only market we serve; therefore, we understand what it takes to effectively manage and run a successful health IT network. Let us protect your network today.