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Helping Solve Rural Healthcare Connectivity Issues

TeleQuality Communications Inc. (TQCI) is a leading provider of quality telecommunications and network connectivity products and services to rural healthcare facilities in America. Since 1999, TQCI and its subsidiary, Rural Health Telecom, have been designing and supplying organizations with cost-effective, custom network solutions to connect multiple business locations to each other, business partners and the Internet. TeleQuality’s technology solutions enable healthcare providers to take advantage of emerging healthcare technologies that increase access and lower the cost of healthcare.  Watch this video to learn more.

In addition, TQCI can help rural healthcare organizations and clinics identify supplemental funding, such as the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Universal Service Fund (USF) and other funding sources, to help healthcare providers afford network connectivity upgrades. The USF is collected and administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company funding programs under the Rural Health Care (RHC) mechanism. Funding options include the Telecommunications Program and Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF).  TQCI customers average up to 85% funding through the Telecommunications Programs. 

Our expert funding specialist will help:

  • Analyze funding options.
  • Support the healthcare provider through the application process.
  • Provide information and assistance with funding form completion.
  • Manage required backup documents.
  • Review completed funding forms for accuracy. 

  today for assistance.